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Our girls are worth your $10

That's all it takes to help our girls lead
safer and more successful lives

We're excited about teaching the thousands of girls we'll meet this year how to stamp out sexism so they can lead safer and more successful lives. But let's be clear: we can only help our girls when you support our work by funding our mission. Our girls are worth the time and energy we spend with them, and we know you agree they're worth the $10 you'll contribute during the first girlsCAN! funding campaign in August!

Why fund girlsCAN!?
Your goal is our goal, and we've got the expertise, resources, and full-time dedication to help you achieve the goal of an America that truly values gender equality.
Together we can transform our society into one that encourages and supports girls to be successful in whatever they choose to do.
The amount you contribute isn't as important as demonstrating your support for meaningful gender equality in America.
Fund girlsCAN! Soon!
Why start your own campaign?
If you can raise $120 a year—and we know that you can!—then you've got what it takes to be a girlsCAN! funRAISER!
Your can start a campaign either on your own create a team with your friends. Campaigns can be associated with single events—like birthdays, holidays, or an athletic event—or can be run year round.
And for every $120 you or your group raises you'll receive a really cool reward, like a girlsCAN! t-shirt or hat!
2015 budget & funding goals
Goal 1: raise a total of $225,000 to fund the 2015 mission.
Goal 2: 3,000 supporters contribute average funding of $25.
Goal 3: 150 supporters join the gC!1000 club = $1,000 over two years = $42 monthly
Goal 4: 300 supporters join the gC!500 club = $500 over two years = $21 monthly
Of course, we appreciate all funding regardless of amount because every dollar brings us one step closer to accomplishing our mission of teaching America's girls how to stamp out gender bias and rid their lives of the limitations caused by gender bias.
Transparency is important to us—and we know it is to you, too—so we've provided a chart detailing how we responsibly and effectively utilize the funds you generously contribute.

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