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The Mission

Our ideal world is one in which everyone not only treats each other as equals but accepts each other as equals, too.

It's a world in which girls are fully supported in their efforts to explore their potential and to be engaged in their community in whatever ways they choose, and in whatever activities they choose.

We believes that gender equality is a fundamental human right, so our mission is to help girls craft a life for themselves that embodies gender equality, and help boys avoid the kinds of gender biased behavior that limits and causes harm to girls.

We're accomplishing our goals by teaching girls and boys how to recognize and stamp out gender stereotypes so that girls are protected from the negative effects caused by gender bias, and boys avoid the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that cause gender discrimination.

The Goals

  1. Increase awareness of the harm caused by gender stereotyping to both our girls and to our society.
  2. Teach girls and boys how to create a society that embodies gender equality by creating and nurturing gender equal environments in their lives and those closest to them.
  3. Provide opportunities for girls to experience what gender equality feels like through their participation in activities that are conducted in a gender equal environment.
  4. Work with athletes who use our techniques to demonstrate real world proof that gender equality can achieved by changing the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of those closest to them.
  5. Reduce campus sexual assaults—not reports, assaults—by 50% within 10 years.