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GIRL! Showcase of Skills

Telling someone they "throw like a girl" shouldn't be an insult, but that's exactly what most people mean when they say it.

Which is crazy, because girls are amazingly skilled in all sorts of activities! So, telling someone they do something like a girl is really a compliment! And to prove our point, girlsCAN! created the GIRL! Showcase of Skill YouTube channel.

Submit your GIRL! video!

Show everyone how amazing girls really are! If you or one of your friends rock at something most people think only boys are good at, then send us a link to a video that shows off your skill and we'll post it here on the "GIRL! Showcase of Skill" page. Click the button below to send us the link.

So show us how you run, jump, calculate, dribble, build, shred, dunk, drum like a girl!

This is what we're looking for!

Send us a link to your own GIRL! video showcasing your skills now!

8-year-old dribbles GIRL!

Amanda dribbles GIRL!

Maddy kicks GIRL!