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GenderEqual's Mentors love to spend time in classrooms teaching you how to stamp out gender bias in your life. If you haven't had a girlsCAN! presentation, start by asking your teacher to have our Mentors come to your school to give your class a presentation. Then, once you've learned the most effective ways of defeating gender bias, put that knowledge to use every day at school, at home, at work—everywhere! And if you're really keen on ending gender bias and help other girls be successful, it's super quick and easy to create your own online fundraising campaign to support girlsCAN!. It's all about you and your friends reaching your full potential, and you can play an important role it making it happen!

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Parents & Educators

Parents and educators of young girls can help protect them from gender stereotype limitations by doing three things. First, create a gender neutral environment. Your spoken and unspoken messages regarding their roles in the home and classroom should be gender neutral, avoiding situations that teach them that they're not good at certain things—like maths and science—just because they're girls. Second, be aware of presence of gender bias coming from friends, relatives, and the media. Third, teach them about gender bias: that it exists, that it's wrong, how it causes harm, and how to protect themselves. Girls need protection from gender bias, and there are no people in a better position or who care more about their well-being and success than their parents and teachers!

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Funding & Campaigns

Financial support rocks the world of charities, and GenderEqual is no exception. The girlsCAN! program plays a critical role in our effort to wipe out gender stereotyping and the opportunities it robs our girls of. With the continuing support of caring and generous people like you, we will continue to expand our programs to help more girls. The amount you contribute isn't as important as what your support says: that you believe gender bias is not acceptable and that you support our efforts to eliminate it. Paul Shane Spear said, "As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person." Well, your support helps us change the world of not just one but many young girls. Find out more about funding and starting a personal fundraising campaign.

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