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Is Gender Discrimination still a problem? How serious can it be?

A quick glance at the headlines on any given day is likely to reveal at least one story covering the harmful effects that gender stereotyping has on girls and women (like gender pay disparity), and so the answer to that question is a resounding Yes!

The United Nation's 2013 Human Development Report indicates on page 16 that the United States ranks 3rd on the Human Development Index, but only 42nd on the Gender Inequality Index. And World Economic Forum's 2012 The Gender Gap Report indicates on page 8 that the United States ranks 22nd, down from 17th last year.

We're confident that America can do better.

Also, check out our Facebook 'Headlines' page to see how common gender bias is, what forms it takes, and how harmful it really is.

Haven't we already done the women's equality movement thing?

Yes, we have, and because of those efforts the world is a little closer to universal gender equality than it was before them. But true gender equality is still far from being a reality, even here in America. Some might say that women have been 'liberated', but liberty is not the same as equality. Not even close.

What is GenderEqual?

GenderEqual is a charity that's working to eliminate gender stereotypes and the lost opportunities for girls that they cause. Our ideal world is one in which everyone not only treats each other as equals, but thinks of each other as equals, too.

GenderEqual teaches girls what gender bias is, how to recognize it, and how to eliminate from their lives the harmful effects it causes.

What GenderEqual is not

GenderEqual does not advocate or support attacking males. Our vision for an ideal world is one in which everyone works and lives together as equals. Importantly, it's going to take the support, cooperation, assistance, and enthusiasm of males to make gender equality a reality.

Why create GenderEqual?

It's an ugly reality that females are abused, mistreated, and marginalized every day. And it's not just nameless faceless females in far away countries that are suffering. It's your mother, your sister, your wife or girlfriend, your coworkers, and every other girl and woman that you know. In some way and to some degree, all girls and women are directly and indirectly harmed by gender stereotypes. Even boys and men are indirectly harmed by gender bias through, for example, reduced family income.

This is the status quo in America, and without intervention it will continue indefinitely. This isn't how things should be, and it isn't how things need to be, especially in a modern society such as ours. So GenderEqual was created to help eliminate the undermining effects that gender bias has on females' basic human rights. When half the population experiences discrimination, our entire society suffers.

How does my support help GenderEqual and girls in America?

Gender discrimination directly or indirectly harms everyone, everywhere, everyday. But it doesn't have to be that way. With your support, GenderEqual can help girls all across America learn how to protect themselves from the harm that gender bias can cause, including eroding their right to equal opportunities. Together we can achieve a world in which everyone works and lives together as equals.

Your support allows our Mentors to travel to classrooms all over America, directly teaching hundreds of girls. These girls then teach their friends the techniques our mentors taught them, which means we indirectly teach thousands of girls every year. And that's not even counting the thousands of girls that participate in our online community discussions. In this way we help the greatest number of girls possible with the resources we have at our disposal.

We think that's a goal worth supporting. If you agree, then please support our efforts by submitting a funding contribution today.

What can you offer?

Think of and treat girls as equals and encourage others to act in the same way. Offer your enthusiasm and encouragement to girls to pursue their dreams without regard to traditional gender roles. You can support the efforts of GenderEqual through in-kind and financial support. Lending your marketing, fundraising, or web development skills is a tremendous help, and your financial support is always appreciated because they help us do what's most important to us—helping our girls live happy, rewarding, and successful lives.

How will GenderEqual achieve its goal?

The most effective way to teach girls how to neutralize gender stereotypes is to lead by example, and that means getting out in the community and interacting with as many girls as possible, as often as possible, and in as many locations as possible. Mentors are living breathing examples of what gender equality looks like, and that's the best way for girls to learn how to secure their right to equal opportunities.

In-Person Connections

Our Mentors meet girls in their classrooms and at events throughout the country. Our Mentors are confident, active, successful women who, through their participation in challenging activities, have learned how to contend with and overcome gendere bias. Mentors are GenderEqual's front line in its efforts to eliminate gender stereotypes.

Online Connections

Girls can connect with our Mentors on GenderEqual's web site and Facebook and Twitter pages. Through their participation in the social media discussions, Mentors are helping guide girls through their gender equality issues.

Why use Mentors? How are Mentors different from role models?

Role models provide examples of what living a gender equal life looks like, which is good, but our Mentors do more than that. They establish personal relationships with girls, either in-person or online. Girls can ask Mentors questions and get personalized suggestions and recommendations from the Mentors. And that personal connection makes all the difference when it comes to instilling the confidence needed to defeat something as challenging as gender bias.

Why are Mentors athletes?

Girls will achieve equality by exercising certain characteristics and, as it turns out, those characteristics are the same ones required to be a successful elite-level athlete: self-confidence, goal-orientation, persistence, physical and mental strength, assertiveness, ambitiousness, and focus.

During an athletic event, you can observe athletes displaying all the characteristics required to successfully deal with the challenges that life throws at us. It takes a lot of motivation to overcome adversity, and competitive athletes possess ample amounts of motivation. And a lot of motivation is exactly what it takes to teach girls how to overcome the challenges that they face when it comes to defeating gender stereotypes and biases.

The bottom line

Gender equality is a fundamental human right, and therefore GenderEqual's position is that girls have the right of equal access to the same economic, political, and social opportunities that boys have.

Because gender stereotypes don't accurately reflect the true potential and abilities of girls, as a society we need to stop perpetuating them. Instead, let's create an environment that fully suppports our girls in the pursuit of their dreams.

We don't expect you to dedicate your entire life to this cause. That's our job. However, we hope that you're motivated enough to see gender bias eliminated that you'll support the efforts of girlsCAN! by making a funding contribution now.