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gC!'s Bias-Busting Techniques

Mobilizing Your Friends & Fanbase

Equality for America's Girls!

You've got what it takes

To help your girlfans achieve equality in their lives!

Some of your most devoted fans are the millions of girls in America, and supporting girlsCAN! is a great way to return that support and show them that you champion their right to equal opportunities for safety and success.

With your influence and social media savvy, girlsCAN! will create an online and real world movement of girls supporting girls. Together, this will happen!

Your Role
Use your influence and social media presence to mobilize your fanbase and celeb pals to support girlsCAN! and its mission of gender equality for America's girls.

Our Role
Teach as many of America's girls as possible our reseach-based, experience-proven techniques for changing the attitudes and behavior of the males they have influence withtowards femalesstamping out gender discrimination in their lives, provide them with the mentorship and community support they need to achieve their right to equality, and mobilize a nationwide movement of girls who turn to each other for support and encouragement when they're targeted by bias.

It's Easy & Quick
Since girlsCAN! leverages the power of the Web and social media, it's easy and quick to play a vital role in helping America's girls achieve equality. A few tweets or status updates a week is all it takes, which means it only takes a few minutes, and there's no travel required—all you need is online access.

What's next?
Ready to jump on board? Need a bit more info? No problem! Send us an email or send us a message and we'll get right back to you with the info you need to get on board!

We're looking forward to working with you to achieve equality and safety for our girls!

More Info...
To learn more about why we're so successful, how celebrities can make a real difference in their girl fans' efforts to achieve gender equality, and to support girlsCAN!, just click the links below!

Why girlsCAN! Is So Successful