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Jackson Beckett

Jackson's dedication to creating a gender equal world began over ten years ago while coaching girls and women in competitive and fitness cycling. By identifying and eliminating structural barriers that prevented many of them from riding and racing bikes, he created an award-winning program that increased their participation in—and enjoyment of—cycling.

Prompted by the almost daily news stories covering persecution of girls and women in America and globally, Jackson founded girlsCAN! to help our girls achieve gender equality by teaching them a system that effectively changes people's sexist beliefs.

Feminist movements have been around for at least a century, yet we're still seeing widespread abuse and discrimination against girls and women. When I decided to get personally involved in the fight for gender equality, I was committed to creating a behavior-change system that would be truly effective at stamping out gender bias; I was adamant that the next generation of girls weren't going to endure the bias that their grandmothers, mothers, and older sisters have endured and continue to endure every day. That system is girlsCAN!, and it's a powerful agent for changing beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, and helping girls all across America achieve gender equality in their lives.

Bozena Popovic

Bo's nonprofit management career started in 1997 after receiving a master's degree in Public Administration from California State University, East Bay.

Working in development and fundraising for over nine years, Bo served as a volunteer, member, and director for numerous associations and nonprofits in California, Arizona, and Oregon.

Profiled in Who's Who of American Women, Bo has contributed her expertise in research, grant procurement, and program development to nonprofits such as Easter Seals Northern California, American Bone Health, and Pima County/Tucson Women's Commission.

Bo considers gender bias to be the cause of many issues that our girls face today, including participation limitations, body image, sexist social conditioning, males' perception of females, and bullying. Her experience has taught her that gender bias cuts across ethnicity, class, religion, and educational levels. The reality is that sexism affects girls and women at every point in their lives.

By working with girlsCAN!, Bo is able to help girls learn how to stamp out gender bias through self-awareness, pride and moral courage, and boosting self-confidence to instill that crucial 'Can Do' attitude.