What a fraternity email says about our culture

phikappatauGeorgia Tech’s Phi Kappa Tau fraternity is in damage control mode thanks to an email one of its members sent out explaining how to lure “rape bait” (see story on the girlsCAN! Headlines Facebook page). For those of you not in a frat, that translates to ‘girls’ and ‘women’. The fraternity placed itself on probation and has suspended the member who sent the email, blah, blah, blah.

While this specific incident is troubling, what’s most troubling is what it says about the culture we live in. Continue reading

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NYC Starts Initiative to Boost Girls’ Self-Esteem

New York City’s mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced an new city-wide initiative aimed at combating the popular media’s messages that often undermine girls’ self-esteem and body image.

The “I’m Beautiful the Way I Am” initiative is aimed at helping girls effectively deal with the messages popular media delivers to them on a daily basis. Those messages are invariably along the lines of “you’re either model-beautiful or you’re out of luck!” Continue reading

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Innovation Through Combination – A Multi-Faceted Approach To Stamping Out Gender Stereotyping

During development of the girlsCAN! program, we knew that something innovative and effective would be needed in order to create a program that would provide girls with effective methods for changing how males view them. A century of feminist movements has barely made a dent in how males perceive the role of females in our society—notwithstanding some notable legislative achievements—and we’ve even seen some disheartening regression for female equality in the past few years. Continue reading

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Origins – The Motivation Behind GenderEqual and girlsCAN!

Current Events Provides the Spark

One day last July I was reading a news story about a male harming a female.

I’d read so many similar stories during that period that I can’t even remember the details of that particular story. I just recall that it was another in a seemingly endless string of stories about a male throwing acid in a female’s face, or raping a female, or vilifying a female on social media, or raping a female and then vilifying her on social media, or firing a female for legal (!) but purely sexist reasons

And that’s when it hit me: stories like this, stories about males using their power—physical, social, political, economic—to systematically subjugate females had become usual, commonplace. Continue reading

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Welcome to the girlsCAN! blog

Welcome to the first entry of the girlsCAN! blog!. Continue reading

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