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How the Isla Vista Tragedy is Related to Our Society’s Emphasis on Violence in Male Gender Roles

Once again we’re faced with a tragedy involving a male targeting females because of an unmet expectation of his perceived right to get, well, pretty much whatever it is he believes he has a right to get from females. It’s … Continue reading

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Sex or Sex Assault: The 5 Ws Checklist

The American Judicial system has once again sent a clear message to America’s girls: sexual assault—even rape—is no big deal. In this case there was no question of wrongdoing. The 18-year old boy (at the time of the assault) admitted … Continue reading

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Women Bullying Women…And Letting Men Get Off Scot-free

The old phrase “She’s a homewrecker” has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to a website that allows women to expose other women they allege are having affairs with their partners. While this may seem like a fair way … Continue reading

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Urging female college party-goers to take responsibility for their safety: sound advice or victim blaming?

Emily Yoffe’s article of October 15, recommending female students attending college parties avoid getting so intoxicated that the odds of falling victim to sexual assault increases, has polarized feminists responding to the article. Some viewed the article as reiterating practical, … Continue reading

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