The biggest classroom distraction isn’t girls’ skin, it’s…

The single biggest distraction in pretty much every classroom? Boys.

If our children’s educational experience is being compromised, it isn’t because of what the girls are wearing or how much of their skin is showing. It’s because the rambunctiousness of many boys measurably reduces teachers’ ability to teach and students’ ability to learn.

Boys tend to be more disruptive and therefore have more negative interaction with teachers as a result of their misbehavior. Because of this, boys in classrooms with girls often results in negative effects on girls’ academic engagement and achievement.

This post isn’t a testimonial for single-sex classrooms, it’s merely to point out that if school administrators’ true intentions are to protect the learning process, their time and effort is better spent focusing on boys’ behavior.

Because the immature antics of boys is far more distracting—to themselves and to everyone else—than the amount of a girls’ skin that’s visible.

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