#YesAllWomen Was Great. Now What? Seriously, Now What?

yesallwomenA lot of great experiences and insights have been shared via the #YesAllWomen hashtag, and we really loved that females were able to connect in this way. And we’re encouraged that some males were able to gain a deeper understanding of the plight that all females face every day right here in America.

But we can’t overlook one critical fact: thousands of tweets won’t change the status quo that is gender discrimination and the harm it does to everyone—males included—in America. And since girlsCAN! was created expressly to stamp out sexism, this fact matters to us. A lot.

All female were already aware of all the endless ways in which males discriminate, subjugate, denigrate, and persecute them on a daily basis. And the males that don’t care about female equality still don’t care. #YesAllWomen did open the eyes of some of the more enlightened males, as evidenced by a number of, “I had no idea!” tweets posted by males, but that won’t be enough to effect meaningful, lasting change.

#YesAllWomen was and continues to be important, but it won’t—and wasn’t meant to—eliminate sexism. We need to move to the next logical step, which means we can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing. To have a measurable and demonstrable effect on the level of sexism we must use different tactics, ones that actually convince males to view females as equals.

girlsCAN! has an answer. While it’s not the only answer, our system of sexism-busting techniques have been proven effective at helping girls stamp out gender bias in their daily lives. But we need your support—and the support of lots of other people—to make changes happen.

Thanks so much to you and everyone who supported @girlsCANorg during the #YesAllWomen extravaganza of tweets! Please encourage the rest of your gang to follow us on twitter so we can really make a difference for America’s girls!

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