How the Isla Vista Tragedy is Related to Our Society’s Emphasis on Violence in Male Gender Roles

isla-vista-victimsOnce again we’re faced with a tragedy involving a male targeting females because of an unmet expectation of his perceived right to get, well, pretty much whatever it is he believes he has a right to get from females.

It’s easy to write this type of event off as merely the crazed actions of an individual. To be sure, the man responsible for this tragedy was suffering from mental issues, but it would be a mistake to end our analysis at that because it would overlook an underlying cause of these types of tragedies.

The reality is that there is a direct and undeniable (although many will manage to do so) link between many male-on-female killings and our society’s tendency to conditioning us to associate violence with masculinity.

Soraya Chemaly’s article, Why Won’t We Talk About Violence and Masculinity in America?, written following the Sandy Hook tragedy, really lays out the connection well and, unfortunately, is once again relevant.


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