Women Bullying Women…And Letting Men Get Off Scot-free

couple-arguingThe old phrase “She’s a homewrecker” has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to a website that allows women to expose other women they allege are having affairs with their partners.

While this may seem like a fair way to deal with infidelity, women bullying other women because of something a man is responsible for represents everything feminism has been fighting against.

The goal is to destroy the reputation of the ‘other woman’ while not holding  the man responsible for breaking his vows of fidelity. In other words, the shaming is all on the woman and not at all on the man.

As feminists, this horrifies us! Not only does this site make it easy for women to bully women, but it’s designed to let men shirk responsibility for their role. It’s a double-tap to the head of feminism.

Now, cheating is a human thing, not a guy thing, so it’s not inherently sexist. But it is sexism when a man betrays his partner and then stands off to the side to let the women do battle over something that he was directly responsible for, as if his infidelity is a problem for women to deal with.

And while we get that it sucks to be cheated on, women need to be clear that the contract that was broken is the one made between them and their husband or boyfriend, not between her and the ‘other woman’.

Our cynical streak has us thinking that the site was created by men as a misdirection ploy: give women an easy platform to tear each other apart so they’ll be too preoccupied to hold their men accountable for their transgressions. How convenient is that!

If we’re going to see true gender equality in our daughters’ lifetimes, we need to hold men accountable when it’s appropriate. It undermines the fight for gender equality when women attack other women when men should be taking responsibility for their behavior.

So, women, please don’t resort to bullying the other woman on ‘She’s A Homewrecker’. Instead, hold your man accountable.

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