NYC Starts Initiative to Boost Girls’ Self-Esteem

New York City’s mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced an new city-wide initiative aimed at combating the popular media’s messages that often undermine girls’ self-esteem and body image.

The “I’m Beautiful the Way I Am” initiative is aimed at helping girls effectively deal with the messages popular media delivers to them on a daily basis. Those messages are invariably along the lines of “you’re either model-beautiful or you’re out of luck!”

Katy Waldman of Slate’s ‘The XX Factor’ thinks a better name would have been, “I’m Awesome the Way I Am“. She’s got a good point, which shows how hard it is to get the right message across, even for initiatives that are genuinely trying to improve the lives of America’s girls.

Still, we really like the initiative because it’s needed (long overdue, actually), well thought out, and it has the resources and political clout to have a positive effect. We interpret ‘beautiful’ in the title to mean more than just physical beauty, so hopefully that’s how the girls of NYC look at it, too.

Now girlsCAN! will be working hard to convince other cities across America to take a cue from New York and adopt similar programs.

Please leave us a comment to let us know what you think of this initiative.

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