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Women SBO Video Program

The "Women Small Business Owners Video Program"

Women small business owners are hardworking, energetic, and creative, and not just in their businesses. They've got oodles of wonderful ideas for building their businesses and helping their communities, too. When I asked them what resource they'd love to have access to in order to build their business and make a difference in their community, an overwhelming number said they'd love to be able to quickly and easily create videos to post on their websites, YouTube channels, and social media pages. Whether they're explaining how to change a bicycle tube or dress for an interview, video is the medium of choice to get their message across.

But it turns out that most don't have the time or budget or expertise or equipment to create this highly effective story-telling medium. That's why I'm excited to partner with girlsCAN! to launch a program (with your generous funding of course!) that will provide these industrious women with a free resource to quickly and easily script, shoot, edit, and post their online videos to help them more effectively tell their stories.

We've got the time and the know-how, we just need the video production equipment and software and we're off! We've designed an equipment and software set-up that'll do a great for a very low investment. And that's where you come in!

This is my way of contributing to the efforts of one of our most valuable assets in our society--women small business owners. Please help me get this initiative rolling by making your own funding contribution. Even $1 makes a big difference, so contribute now by clicking the button below and going to our Tilt campaign page!

Thanks so much for your support, it's truly appreciated!

We Can't Do It Without You...So Contribute Now! Even $1 Makes A Difference!

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